TAGA - Technical Association of the Graphic Arts

"Everything presented at the TAGA Conference is fresh, cutting edge technical material that has never before been presented."

TAGA's 67th Annual Technical Conference

March 22nd to 25th, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 USA

TAGA ’s Annual Technical Conference is the only international conference for the graphic arts that features technical papers on research straight from the laboratory, studies from the pressroom, and software and systems engineering papers. If your responsibilities include staying on top of graphic arts technology in order to help direct your company’s future, strategically or tactically, then TAGA ’s Annual Technical Conference should be your top educational priority each and every year!

TAGA ’s agenda delivers value to pressroom management, paper and ink specialists, prepress, micro technology, graphic arts educators, and research and development. If you are a CTO, CIO, or R&D manager of a printing company, pressroom equipment manufacturer, front-end systems, publisher, as well as manufacturers of ink, paper, and other consumables, this is a conference you do not want to miss.


Searchable Anthologies of TAGA Proceedings

You've heard about it, and now we have it. You can purchase one for yourself, your organization, or your university's library. The searchable anthology of the TAGA Proceedings dates to 1975 and continues through 2005. Available on DVD with PDF's of the white papers. The DVD has keyword search engine capability. Please see contact taga@printing.org to place an order. Shipment will be made once payment is received.

LinkedIn Group to Aid Networking - Well over 4,750 Members

TAGA inviting you to join the TAGA Group on LinkedIn—a recommendation of the TAGA board and announced at the San Francisco ATC. Joining will allow you to find and contact other TAGA members on LinkedIn. The goal of this group is to help TAGA and its members:

  • Keep TAGA up to date with changes in your career
  • Strengthen the membership and relevance of TAGA
  • Reach other members of TAGA
  • Accelerate careers/business through referrals from TAGA Group members
  • Know more than a name—view rich professional profiles from fellow TAGA Group members

Click here to join the LinkedIn Group
Please let other TAGA members know about the group. We currently have well over 4,200 members. I hope you join the group,

Mark Bohan
Managing Director, TAGA 

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Email Links

Managing Director:
Mark Bohan, email mbohan@printing.org
TAGA Administrator:
John Bodnar, email taga@printing.org  
Conference Assistant:
Michael Packard, email mpackard@printing.org 
Don Duncan, email don.duncan@wikoff.com
Vice President of Papers:
John Seymour, email John.Seymour@quadtechworld.com

Published on Monday, May 1, 2006 (updated 03/23/2015)