Interactive Printing Establishments Dashboard Preview

PIA’s Center for Print Economics and Management has created an interactive dashboard on printing and related support activities establishments in nearly every county in the United States. The information allows printers immediate capabilities to evaluate local markets and market share potentials. For industry suppliers, the system provides immediate evaluation of local market opportunities. The information is based upon the most recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns Database and is subject to the counties identified as having a printer coded as NAICS 323 according to the U.S Census Bureau. 

Operate the map by using your mouse’s scroll bar to zoom into areas of interest and hover over counties to see the name and the shipment volume.

Members of Printing Industries of America and its affiliates can access the full map by clicking the image below.

Published on Monday, April 10, 2017 (updated 04/11/2017)