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Blankets not clear enough. - 3 hours 2 min ago
Hi all!

Until recently we were mainly exposing azura ts plates with our suprasetter without any problems.

To reduse costs after a lot of trial and error,we are now exposing fitprimus positive plates and process them with a sirio 85 ctp plate processor.

Since the first set up,the blankets are not clear enough.

I've attached an image cause i can't describe it in exact words.

We've tested the plates with the nail remover plate tester :-P (that semi transparent liquid ladies use to remove the color from their nails,not quite sure how it's called) and plates are fine.

Also this thing isn't obvious in paper,it's only in the blankets.

Another thing is the white ''patches'' on the upper side of the plate,towards the end of the paper in the whole length of the sheet-there are four large of them in the image if you give a closer look-

They also don't cause any problems-at least problems we can see- but they are there in every plate in all the blankets!

Is any one experiencing similar problems?

Here's the link with a blanket i'm talking about.

Thanks in advance!
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Kodak Versamark Consumable - Quick Sale - 4 hours 32 min ago
Following Kodak Versamark Consumables Available for Quick Sale

P/N: 6091044-01 KODAK VERSAMARK FF1044 FLUSH FLUID 20 LTR - CUBE - 4 Nos
P/N: 6091119-01 KODAK VERSAMARK FV1119 GREEN 342 INK 20 LTR - CUBE - 20 Nos
P/N: 6091120-01 KODAK VERSAMARK FV1120 BLUE 294 INK 20 LTR - CUBE - 2 Nos
P/N: 6091124-01 KODAK VERSAMARK FV1124 GREEN 361 INK 20 LTR - CUBE - 15 Nos

Contact :
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Konica C8000 OK for an older machine? - 6 hours 29 min ago
Hi there,

Looking around for a replacement for my old Xerox DC5000. I'm not flush with funds. As these are getting older now I can pick one up at a relatively good price.
I also have a Xerox 700 here (which is rubbish) how does the Konica compare for registration, image straightness, rolling solids, colour consistency over a long(ish) run.
(with both my 5000 and 700). All the usual stuff. One thing I do like about the Konica is it is spec for 350 gsm stock. Unlike most of the light production machines (300 gsm). One thing I don't like is availability of parts. (might be ok now but 2-3 years time?). This is an ongoing problem with my DC 5000.

I realize service is a big factor but from past experience this is one thing it is very hard to gauge until after you have had a machine for awhile.

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Simon
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TLMI sets 2015 goals and agenda

Labels and Labeling - 6 hours 52 min ago
TLMI has released its goals and agenda for the 2015 calendar year. Central to the association’s objectives in 2015 is the continuation and further development of TLMI’s brand promise: 'to deliver industry insights that drive the business success of the association’s converter and supplier members'.
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Mentor Graphics Appoints Paul Mascarenas to Board of Directors

topix - Commercial Printing News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 11:27pm

He is also presently serving as a special venture partner at Fontinalis Partners, a sector-focused investment firm that invests exclusively in next-generation mobility opportunities. In addition, he currently serves on the Board of ON Semiconductor Corporation.

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Industry Vet Mark Toner Joins R2C Group As Its First CMO

topix - Commercial Printing News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 7:17pm

Independent ad agency R2C Group confirmed today that it has added Mark Toner as its first Chief Marketing Officer. Toner will oversee all marketing and agency growth efforts for the full service agency reporting to CEO and Co-Founder Michelle Cardinal.

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XMF Characterization Curve Creation - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 6:14pm
I just started working at a place that uses XMF v.6 and am trying to get acquainted with it. We've had some issues at press that make me want to look at the plate curves but we have literally no documentation. However, I'm seeing some things in the XMF interface that seem counterintuitive, if the people here are using it correctly. I've attached two screen captures. Do these look right? They're kinda backwards from every calibration system I've ever used, but the folks here swear that this is what Fuji set them up with. I would have expected the "Actual" to be the scan values from a raw, uncalibrated plate print. But before I rock the boat I thought I'd better see if Japanese engineers have fooled me yet again. Attached Files
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Ricoh 7110 tested - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 1:52pm
Hi guys just got back from my testing of the Ricoh 7110. Firstly it's built very well both inside and out. The model we were testing had suction rather than the standard feeder which was very good. Print quality was very, very flat matt and I think their claims to match as closely as possible to litho has been achieved....almost. The thing that it and all digital presses tend to fail on is the toner sits on the sheet rather than sinking in. This makes it look a good match for litho on a smooth matt or silk stock but doesn't let gloss paper remain glossy, it too looks matt, in this area it looks like a copier output. The white whilst been weak is a great addition, especially for printing on solid coloured sheets or clear material. The addition of the extended 700 mm sheet size is fantastic too. What was not so good and actually very disappointing was the clear toner. It was only really visible on thin silk paper, when increasing the stock weight it was even weaker than standard which wasn't good to start with, almost totally invisible on a 350gsm matt we tried, so spot uv effects for business cards are out. If your familiar with the xerox 1000 clear output then you will be extremely disappointed, also unlike the xerox it's a click charge as well as you buying the toner and unlike the xerox it will only produce a multi pass stronger effect by putting back through BUT the registration wasn't good enough for that. All in all an extremely competent box with great image quality slightly let down by a few non working bells & whistles. It is however a market changer at its price point.
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Mentor Graphics Joins the Center for Power Electronics Systems

topix - Commercial Printing News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 1:03pm

CPES is focused on technologies and applications related to power electronic components: vehicular power conversion, power conversion technologies, power management, and renewable energy systems.i 1 2CPES has a global reputation for advanced research in power electronics with 78 members who contribute and participate in the organization's mission, including Toyota, GE, Fairchild, Cree, Rohm, and Mitsubishi.

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Aqueous Coating Gloss... - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:34pm
On our GTO we use the 5th color station to aqueous coat jobs. While this give a nice shine, it is nothing compared to what one of our competitors is doing. They aqueous coat on a 2010 Speedmaster CD74 with a coating unit, and theirs looks like it is put on about 2 or 3 times as heavy. Just beautiful.

Now if I try to put it on any heavier it starts sticking together. Does this sound like they have a different coating, or does their machine have better drying, so that they can run it heavier?
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Heidelberg Image Control CPC-24 Options and Fix Costs - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 11:59am
We had our LLM (Multiplex) unit go out again in our Heidelberg Image Control/CPC-24. They are asking a lot to replace it and we are contemplating whether or not we should fix it. It seems this part goes out about every 2-4 years. We are wondering if other users have had the same issue and what they had to pay to replace this part. Or have users found other solutions that will work with Heidelberg presses. Also is anyone using the the new Image Control that has a LED light source? If so have you had any issues, is there issues with connecting to older equipment?

Thank you
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Recommended 12 station collator? - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 10:42am
Hi all,

I'm looking for a SRA3 12 station collator, likely be handling coated digitally printed stock - don't have a big budget though, so will be scraping around the used market! Would the Horizon AC1200 do the job (friction fed)? Any machines I should look at/avoid?

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X-Rite Spectrodensitometer 508 for sale, 4 Units - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 9:50am
I am looking of interested parties in some used X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer's.

I have four in varing formats, all of which will need the batterys replaced, come with cases, three with the calibration shoes.

2- With Standard Aperture, 3.4 mm
1 - With Microspot Aperture, 1.6mm x 3.2mm
1- With Small Aperture, 2 mm

All calibrate and function properly and have been tested with repeatable results. Each of these units were removed from a functional print plant that was closed. PM me with any questions or offers
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MMS president's clarion pitch for print betterment - PrintWeek India

Print Industry News - Google News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 9:02am

MMS president's clarion pitch for print betterment
PrintWeek India
Virkar continued, the print industry in Maharashtra has grown, and matured, embracing and absorbing new technologies and delivering excellent quality. “Entrepreneurs form the backbone of Indian print business Even the largest of large print companies ...

and more »
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Hanumantha Rao demise mourned by industry - PrintWeek India

Print Industry News - Google News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 8:49am

Hanumantha Rao demise mourned by industry
PrintWeek India
The founder of Pragati Offset and a stalwart of the Indian printing industry, Hanumantha Rao, and a “titan” of the printing industry and a celebrated award winning printer has died aged 91. Hanumantha Rao, who was responsible for laying the foundation ...

and more »
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Work Flow change - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 8:26am

We are at present using CMYK work flow with final PDF in version 1.3 being sent to RIPs.

As we are printing in multiple presses (of different makes) by changing to a RGB workflow, we feel we can have IN RIP CMS to convert to CMYK with seperate profiles for each press. Will this help? Is anyone following RGB workflow, if so, please share your plus and minus.

Also we are thinking of moving to PDF 1.5 workflow. This is to overcome the hanging of the PREFLIGHT software which tries to flatten transparencies in files that contain hundreds of transparency vector objects. Again, is anyone following PDF version 1.5 workflow, if so, please share your plus and minus.

Thanks in advance

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Carpet in Prepress? - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 8:16am
My employer is considering putting carpet in a portion of our prepress department. My primary concern is static buildup. We are able to maintain adequate humidity (45-55%) without carpet but I wonder if carpet will create issues for us. Does anyone else have carpet in their prepress department? Have you experienced any issues (besides dirty shoes) with having carpet?

Thank you in advance,
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HP SmartStream Production Pro IN050 Print Server for Sale - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 2:06am
The new HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server is a smart, high-performance, reliable print server for multiple HP Indigo digital presses. HP SmartStream Production Pro increases productivity with automated job routing and processing, professional processing of quality-sensitive jobs, floor tracking.

Maximize production with automatic processes.

HP SmartStream Production Pro is built for automation. Load balancing algorithms allow jobs to stream automatically across RIP processors and presses, and split jobs for the most efficient operation. It uses hot folders or JDF to submit files for high-volume workflows and can automatically set up processes for inline finishing.

High Variable Data Printing capabilities.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server’s unique variable data printing (VDP) framework assures optimized processing for variable data to produce personalized, one-to-one print communications. The server's management and automation abilities help you take advantage of profitable digital print applications such as web-to-print marketing collateral, personalized direct marketing, photo specialty products, and publications such as books, journals, and magazines.

Production queue simplifies management operations.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro queue provides a single interface to view status and manage jobs in production at any given point of time. Production managers can change a job’s priority in production, and set up job tickets for distinct workflows. By centralizing resources for production, HP SmartStream Production Pro helps minimize job management costs.

Advanced color management delivers exceptional quality.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro provides advanced color management tools to deliver unsurpassed, consistent color quality, including:

• ICC v.4 and device-link profile support, enabling site color characterization and workflow
• HP Professional PANTONE® emulation, providing great PANTONE® spot colors matching
• Support for PANTONE® PMS, as well as PANTONE® GoeTM—the new color system from PANTONE®
• Advanced half-toning
• Support for CMYK OVG
• Support for white ink

Easy scalability for growing businesses.

With a very flexible, high performance architecture, the HP SmartStream Production Pro scales to grow with your business. You can start with a base configuration and, as your workload increases, add storage capacity or RIP and press control power as needed.

HP SmartStream Production Pro also serves as a single point of management for multiple HP Indigo digital presses and features strong JDF connectivity.

HP SmartStream Production Pro—a powerful workflow component in the HP SmartStream family

HP SmartStream is a graphic arts portfolio of components that helps customers create production workflow solutions to meet a broad range of market segments and application needs. The HP SmartStream portfolio provides end-to-end workflow management, from job creation to fulfillment. When combining best-in-class HP SmartStream and partner components, the result is greater flexibility, with specific solutions to address key market segments that are customizable and scalable to your unique business needs.

HP Indigo digital presses supported

• HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press
• HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press
• HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press
• HP Indigo press 5500
• HP Indigo press 5000
• HP Indigo press ws4500
• HP Indigo press ws4050
• HP Indigo press 3500
• HP Indigo press 3050
• HP Indigo press w3250
• HP Indigo press w3200
• HP Indigo press 3000
• Indigo Ultrastream
• HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press
• HP Indigo press s2000

Input file formats

• Postscript 1,2,3,
• PDF 1.7
• PDF/VT (Including optimized PDF)
• PDF/x-1a: 2001
• PDF/X-1a:2003
• PDF /x-3:2002
• PDF/X-3:2003
• PDF / X-4
• TIFF 6
• Microsoft XPS 1.0 including HD photo assets
• DCS 2

Color and quality

• ICC version 4.0
• Device link profiles
• CMYK+3 spots
• CMYKOV + 1 spot
• PANTONE emulations
• Advanced half-toning

UI languages

• English
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• Russian
• Japanese
• Simplified Chinese
• Korean

Included Items

Software - HP SmartStream Production Pro IN050 Print Server runs on Windows 2008 Server 5 User with Media
Hardware - HP Proliant DL380 G6 Server
Interface Cable - HP Adapter Interface Cable
USB Dongle - SafeNet Sentinel

Shipping Worldwide

Interested buyers contact : Attached Files
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DI Pro, ink duct setting modification - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:30am
(Already posted at

I have a problem with ink duct settings. The settings which come up when a job is loaded are way off, completely useless. The pressminder says that the black and magenta sweep and key settings typically need bumping up by 10-20%, cyan by 20-30%, and the yellow needs reducing to a third or a quarter of what is set, in order to begin to achieve a print that looks right.

I have checked the ink information supplied by the rip and found it to be at least proportional to what you would expect - send the same image for each separation (a calibration strip) and the ink information is also the same. However, load up that job and the ink duct settings are different for each colour - the black and cyan are just subtly different from each other, the magenta is roughly doubled and the yellow roughly quadrupled.

Scouring the CP2000 pc I came across some ink files in C:\database\cpcsaves, iirc, Lastink, ink1 and ink2. These contain the same ink duct information as sent by the rip for the last couple of active jobs, but then also include a data section called something like "Area Coverage With Modification", containing the same ink key fields but with disproportionately distorted values. Much like the settings seen in the operator panel.

Where is this modification coming from?

I found 9 memory presets under Ink Settings, but none have been set. The basic "R" set would seem to be all that is applying, but I cannot find how to alter that, if that is indeed the cause of the problem.

Please can anybody help to shed some light on this problem?
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Research and Markets releases 2015 report

Label and Narrow Web Breaking News - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:00am
The Global Label Printers Industry Report 2015 is an in-depth study on the current state of the label printers industry.
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