Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize - March 2013

Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize

March 19-21, 2013


The first step in implementing a successful color managed workflow and working to achieve ISO 12647-2 and G7® qualifications begins at the press. In this workshop—working in a live pressroom environment—Extreme Offset will provide you with effective tools and techniques necessary for troubleshooting problems, controlling print components, and optimizing your presses performance, as well as confirming that it is printing at an ideal, consistent state.

Also in this intensive, hands-on workshop, you will be taught how to identify, troubleshoot, and solve the trickiest print-related problems. Uncover all of those wasteful activities in your pressroom that can be made more efficient. Increase job throughput while printing higher quality, more consistent color with less downtime, waste and spoilage. Extreme Offset will show you how to print; quicker, cheaper, and better—register for Extreme Offset today!

You Will Learn

  • Troubleshooting methods to quickly diagnose the root causes for problems
  • Skills to ensure control of print color and quality
  • Lean practices to slash makeready time and accelerate press performance Effective critical cares to increase press up-time
  • Analysis methods to reveal the current state of press attributes and process capabilities

Who Should Attend

  • Lead pressroom operators
  • Pressroom supervisors/managers
  • Quality managers
  • Technical representatives from the industry
  • Printing equipment suppliers and vendors

Workshop Fees

  • $795 for Printing Industries of America Members
  • $1195 for non-members

Workshop Location

  • Printing Industries of America headquarters, Sewickley (Pittsburgh), PA

Workshop Leaders

  • Lloyd DeJidas, Director, Graphic Services and Facility Manager
  • Greg Workman, Pressroom and Bindery Supervisor, Printing Industries of America

Published on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 (updated 05/30/2014)

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