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About the Automation Solutions Network

The Automation Solutions Network has established itself as the premiere event to exchange ideas and solutions for automated workflows. The Automation Solutions Network focuses on the development and practical implementation of workflow automation and cross-vendor integration implementations. The group welcomes a wide range of users utilizing automated technology as well as suppliers of those systems. The steering committee of the Automation Solutions Network is made up entirely of printers who have either implemented systems or are in the process of doing so.

As one participant commented, “I had hit a brick wall. The information I have gained here allows me to move the integration forward, I have the proof it is being done!”

“Implementing process automation, even with JDF, requires active participation by the printer’s staff,” said James Harvey, former Executive Director of CIP4. “Different vendors have different philosophies for how they are implementing process automation, and printers may find themselves acting as project managers to work out issues that may arise when multiple systems are integrated. The group fills a huge void in the industry by providing a forum where users can learn from each other, exchange ideas, and present issues to the vendor community. In this format, they are sure to get answers.”

“I am very excited about this group, as it will give printers a practical guide to implementation based on best practices and experiences in the industry,” said Dr. Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America Vice President, Technology and Research. “It has the support of the printer and supplier community, as well as CIP4, and is an outstanding opportunity to expand the scope of JDF implementation and true cross-vendor implementation.”

Steering Committee Members

  • Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America
  • Ray Hartman, World Graphic Services
  • Brian Shipe, Pre-Production Manager, Mercury Print Productions, Inc
  • Christy Miners, Technology Manager, Democrat Printing & Lithographing Co.

Registration Information

Please join our LinkedIn page and join in discussions about workflow automation utilizing JDF technology.

The Automation Solutions Network meets on a regular basis at printing facilities throughout the country. For more information on the Automation Solutions Network, please visit the registration page or contact automation(at)


  • The best source of information for integrated workflow automation solutions utilizing all file exchange format technologies.
  • How to increase your productivity and increase your ROI on purchases.
  • Case studies of automated workflow applications.
  • Tours of technological leading companies.
  • Access to email forum with all presentations and materials.
  • Solutions to implementation challenges connecting devices.
  • The knowledge to ask the right questions for new purchases or implementation.
  • Tips and tricks to the automation process.
  • Networking with printers who are implementing automation and integrating devices in their workflow.
  • Identification of new and innovative solutions.
  • Tours of different print facilities and how they have addressed automation and JDF.
  • Become more aware of JDF and how it relates to better production standards.
  • Gain understanding of the JDF Specification and how JDF product certification helps with workflow integration.
  • Exposure to the latest cutting edge technology.
  • Ability to ask vendors difficult questions on implementation.
  • Best practices for JDF into workflow automation application.
  • By associating, it shows you are an innovative company.

Published on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 (updated 06/06/2016)

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