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The Sims 4 Now Available on PC

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It’s time to create and control a new generation of Sims. Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) announced that The Sims™ 4 is now available on PC in North America. The Sims 4 gives players the power to create Sims filled with personality and discover a new way to play with life, where every decision opens up an ever-evolving world of meaningful possibilities. “Every Sim is unique in The Sims 4, your own individual creations that come to life with big per

SONIC Introduces New Waffle Cone Sundaes to Frozen Dessert Menu

OKLAHOMA CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SONIC's Waffle Cone is available with any mix of Real Ice Cream and toppings, like new Waffle Cone Sundae flavors REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups® & Chocolate, SNICKERS® Bar & Caramel or M&M’s® Candies.

SONIC Infuses Fresh, Unique Flavors in Chicken Lineup with New Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich

OKLAHOMA CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SONIC's new Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich has a pub-style cheddar cheese sauce, sliced white cheddar cheese and zesty caramelized onion sauce to meet guests' fall comfort food cravings.

THE ILLUSIONISTS – WITNESS THE IMPOSSIBLE™ Makes Its North American Pre-Broadway Premiere in Akron November 19-20

AKRON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--THE ILLUSIONISTS - WITNESS THE IMPOSSIBLE™, the world’s best-selling touring magic show, makes its North American pre-Broadway premiere at The University of Akron’s E. J. Thomas Hall November 19-20.

Riassunto: Progettati per registrare: i nuovissimi Voice Tracer firmati Philips

VIENNA, Austria--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speech Processing Solutions, il numero uno a livello mondiale nel settore della dettatura professionale, ha appena lanciato la sua nuova gamma di Voice Tracer firmati Philips. Questi innovativi registratori vocali offrono una qualità acustica eccezionale, in qualsiasi situazione. Indipendentemente dal contenuto e dalla modalità della registrazione (che si tratti di appunti, conversazioni, lezioni, interviste, musica o riunioni), Philips ha progettato un disposi

Aventine Renewable Energy Upgrades Pekin, Ill., Plant to Natural Gas

PEKIN, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aventine Renewable Energy, a leading producer, marketer and end-to-end supplier of ethanol, has announced completion of a $13.2 million project to upgrade its wet mill ethanol plant in Pekin, Illinois, by replacing 70-year-old coal boiler technology with two newly installed Indeck® high-pressure natural gas boilers. The boiler installation is part of the more than $30 million investment Aventine is making to restore its two plants in Pekin. The new boilers at the 1

Savor the Flavors of Fall at Krispy Kreme® Doughnuts

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The deliciously craveable flavors of fall have returned to Krispy Kreme. Pumpkin Spice Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake doughnuts are available now through November 27th at participating locations.

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Legacy to Continue to Serve the Public

NANJING, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is closed, but the Olympic spirit and the legacy of the YOG will never stop. Even after the end of the Closing Ceremony, many of the facilities used during the Games will continue to serve the Nanjing public. Out of the 35 venues used during the Nanjing 2014 YOG, most of the venues were built during the 10th National Games in 2005 and will keep opened to the general public after competition ends, only the Youth Olympic

Sorin Group Announces First World Implant of CROWN PRT(TM) Heart Valve

MILAN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--First world implant of the CROWN PRT bioprosthetic aortic valve was performed in Austria at the Salzburg University Clinic.


MILANO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sorin Group (MIL:SRN), (Codice Reuters: SORN.MI), società multinazionale leader nel trattamento delle malattie cardiovascolari, ha annunciato il primo impianto al mondo della valvola aortica CROWN PRT. L'impianto è stato eseguito di recente presso la Clinica Universitaria di Salisburgo dal Prof. Dott. Rainald Seitelberger e dal Dott. Christian Dinges. "La nostra prima esperienza con questa valvola è stata molto positiva” ha dichiarato il Prof Seitelberger, “il ridotto t

Toshiba Launches Low-height Package Transistor Output Photocoupler

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Toshiba launched a transistor output photocoupler in a low-height SO6L package, which can be used to replace conventional DIP4 pin package products.


東京--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(ビジネスワイヤ) -- 東芝は、DIP4ピンタイプのパッケージからの置換えができるSO6L薄型パッケージのトランジスタ出力フォトカプラ「TLP385」を製品化し、本日から出荷を開始します。 本製品は、DIP4 F (ワイドリード)タイプの製品と同等の絶縁スペックを持ち、沿面・空間距離8mm (最小)、絶縁耐圧5000Vrms (最小)を保証しています。 従来のDIP4タイプよりも45%薄型化した製品厚み2.3mmの薄型パッケージなので、高さ制限の厳しい基板への搭載が可能です。インバータのインターフェースや汎用電源などの応用機器に適しています。   新製品の主な仕様 品名   TLP385 変換効率 (CTR (注)) 50~600%@IF=5mA, VCE=5V 遅延時間 (tOFF) 40μs (typ.) @IF=16mA 動作温度 (Topr) -55~110˚C 絶縁耐圧 (BVs) 5 kVrms 安全規格   UL, cUL, VDE, CQC (注) GR、GBなど各CTRランクに対応します。   当社フォトカプラ製品の詳細に

GreenPeak Releases New, Ground-Breaking Family Lifestyle Systems

UTRECHT, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GreenPeak releases ground-breaking Family Lifestyle Systems Sensor/Cloud based Lifestyle Systems to accelerate the growth of Smart Home networks ‘Senior Lifestyle’ first to roll-out in large volumes

Designed to Record: The Brand-New Philips Voice Tracers

VIENNA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Philips launches new voice recorders offering best-in-class recording quality in any situation

Entwickelt für perfekte Aufnahmen: die brandneuen Philips Voice Tracer

WIEN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speech Processing Solutions, die Nr. 1 unter den Anbietern professioneller Diktierlösungen, hat seine neueste Generation der Philips Voice Tracer vorgestellt. Die innovativen digitalen Recorder bieten herausragende Tonqualität in jeder Situation. Ganz egal, was aufgenommen werden soll – ob Notizen, Gespräche, Vorträge, Interviews, Musik oder Meetings – Philips bietet für jede Situation ein Gerät, das genau auf diese Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist. Jeder Smartphone-App über

Conçus pour enregistrer : les tout nouveaux Voice Tracers Philips

VIENNE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speech Processing Solutions, le leader mondial de la dictée professionnelle vient de lancer sa nouvelle gamme de Voice Tracer Philips. Les enregistreurs vocaux innovants fournissent une excellente qualité audio en toute situation. Peu importe la nature de l’enregistrement : notes, conversations, conférences, interviews, musique ou réunions, pour chaque type d’usage la nouvelle gamme propose un modèle adapté. Qualité audio toujours supérieure à toutes les applis d’enregi

Diseñadas para grabar: Las nuevas grabadoras de voz Philips

VIENA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speech Processing Solutions, el nº 1 global en dictado profesional acaba de lanzar su nueva gama de grabadoras de voz Philips. El resultado: innovadoras grabadoras de voz que ofrecen una calidad de grabación óptima en cualquier situación. Da igual lo que desee grabar: Notas, conversaciones, conferencias, entrevistas, música o reuniones. Siempre encontrará una grabadora a la medida de sus necesidades. Superior a cualquier app de grabación de un smartphone Con su pantalla

De nieuwe Philips Voice Tracers zijn ontworpen voor de perfecte geluidsopname

WENEN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speech Processing Solutions, marktleider in professioneel dicteren introduceert vandaag zijn nieuwste generatie Philips Voice Tracers. Deze innovatieve voice recorders moeten in elke situatie de beste geluidskwaliteit bieden. De Philips Voice Tracers komen in zes uitvoeringen en upgrades zodat voor alle doeleinden, van memo's, gesprekken, lezingen tot interviews, muziek of vergaderingen, er een geschikt apparaat bestaat. Klasse hoger dan opname-apps op smartphones Danbkz

Pioneer Creates Music Magic with the Latest DDJ-WeGO Controller

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pioneer introduces the DDJ-WeGO3, its next generation ultra-compact DJ controller that makes it possible for any consumer to take on the art of DJing.


北京--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(ビジネスワイヤ) -- 第23回北京国際広播電影電視設備展覧会の期間中に、THX Ltd.と中国電影集団は両社間の戦略的提携を発表しました。今回、THXが中国の映画ファンに正式紹介されたことになります。THXは、映画制作と技術に関する比類のない専門性を活用して、映画制作者のビジョンを観客へ正確に伝えることを保証すべく、映画館認定プログラムを策定しています。極めて重要な役割を果たす建築設計、最先端の視覚効果、驚くほど強力な音響効果により、THXが認定した映画館はハリウッドにおけるエンターテインメント体験の最高峰となっています。 中国電影集団の子会社である中国電影器材有限責任公司の林民傑総経理は、この業界におけるTHXの権威ある立場と豊富な経験を賞賛しながら、次のように述べています。「THXの中国参入は中国の映画制作者と映画ファンにとって特別な意味を持ち、これにより中国の映画産業は音響・映像効果の世界基準に一歩近づきます。私たちは、THXと協力して、中国の観客に世界一流の音響・視覚効果の楽しみと最も完璧な映画体験をもたらしたいと思います。」 最