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The Grateful Dead come out blazing in Chicago for 'Fare Thee Well' tour

1 hour 37 min ago

CHICAGO — So that's how it's going to be, Trey?

The Grateful Dead blew out a bombastic rock show Friday, the first of their three-night Soldier Field finale, and it was Trey Anastasio who lit the fuse. With aggressive attacks, blazing speed and attitude, the Phish guitarist led the band away from the breezy, mellow vibes of its warmup shows in Santa Clara, California — and they never looked back.

SEE ALSO: Confessions of a Deadhead as the trip comes to an end

But first, a bit of business: They opened with "Box of Rain," the wistful "American Beauty" anthem that was the last song the Grateful Dead ever played with Jerry Garcia, right here at this very spot, almost exactly 20 years ago. The band built gorgeous harmonies around Phil Lesh's vocals, put a little steam in the tempo and caused tears with the callback that ends with the lyric: "Such a long, long time to be gone; and a short time to be there." Read more...

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Patriotic floppy drives perform rousing rendition of 'Star-Spangled Banner'

2 hours 27 min ago

These floppy drives aren't particularly gifted at hitting all the right notes, but no one can argue that they lack patriotism.

Anand Jain, who created the video, has previously done covers of a other songs using floppy drives. He calls himself the "master of the magical instrument, the floppy drive."

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"A lot of work and care goes into each of my videos behind the scenes," Jain says on his crowdfunding page. "It's not just arranging, recording and editing work."

His recording of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" is a great thing to have on hand when you need to rickroll someone. Read more...

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This is what it takes to eat 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes

2 hours 34 min ago

In a big upset Saturday, Matt Stonie out-ate reigning champion Joey Chestnut in Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Chestnut had previously taken home the gold for eight years in a row, but this year, Stonie devoured 62 hot dogs while Chestnut only ate 60. Sixty-two isn't the all-time record, though; that was set by Chestnut in 2013, when he ate 69 hot dogs. Still, it's a lot of food, to say the least. So how do they do it?

See also: Coney Island crowns new hot dog-eating champ in monumental upset

"You definitely gotta be in shape to eat in these contests," Stonie told NBC New York on Wednesday. "It's a 10-minute sprint up there." Read more...

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Tunisia's president says country is 'not safe'

3 hours 32 min ago

A week after a gunman killed 38 people at a tourist resort in Sousse, on Saturday, Tunisia's president said that the country is "not safe" from future extremist attacks.

President Beji Caid Essebsi declared a national state of emergency, which will last for 30 days.

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"Tunisia faces a very serious danger and it should take any possible measures to maintain security and safety," he said in a televised address. "As we see in other countries, if attacks like Sousse happen again, the country will collapse."

On Friday, police patrolled the area of the attack while tourists gathered on the beach to honor the victims, including 30 Britons, three Irish, two Germans, one Belgian, one Portuguese and one Russian. Read more...

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Reddit CEO Ellen Pao responds to admin firing outrage as petition against her gains steam

3 hours 48 min ago

The furor surrounding the firing of popular Reddit administrator Victoria Taylor took a new turn on Friday, when company CEO Ellen Pao commented on the resulting backlash.

After Taylor's termination, several Reddit boards were set to private by their respective moderators, in a show of protest against the decision.

See also: Large parts of Reddit shut as users revolt against firing of admin

Facing mounting criticism from the link-sharing community, Pao finally spoke out by commenting on a thread titled, "Reddit alternatives? Other Subs going private to protest the direction Reddit has been going." Read more...

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10 sunglasses under $10 you won't mind losing at a boozy BBQ

4 hours 58 min ago

The season of losing sunnies under the sun is upon us

It's happened to the best of us: We've all purchased the chicest of shades only to see them being washed away by the ocean (with our dreams), or killed in a tragic accident at a friend's boozy brunch

See also: 10 chic fanny packs because that's a thing that exists

Whatever the case, it's best to foolproof your shade game this weekend with a pair of affordably chic pairs you won't have to think twice about. Because the last thing you need is to shed a tear (or three) over sunglasses that were accidentally doused in barbecue sauce Read more...

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Fireworks warning video will make you rethink your Fourth of July

5 hours 35 min ago

Looking forward to festive Fourth of July fireworks? Then maybe don't watch this video.

Produced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the video shows just how dangerous fireworks can be when handled improperly. The disturbing video demonstrates the possibly disastrous scenarios on dummies, using everything from sparklers to professional aerial fireworks, which the commission says cause grievous injuries when used illegally by inexperienced consumers

See also: Video captures moment fireworks hit crowd in Colorado

The beginning of the video is a (sorry, government dude) boring warning about how fireworks — though considered integral to celebrating Independence Day — are actually very dangerous. Read more...

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Heartbreaking 'Humans of New York' photo of gay boy brings out the best in the Internet

5 hours 39 min ago

Sometimes the Internet can be a good place filled with good people

On Friday, Humans of New York photographer Brandon Stanton posted a heartbreaking image of a young boy with the caption, "I'm homosexual, and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that people won't like me."

See also: The Human Behind 'Humans of New York' Read more...

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Happy birthday, USA! How 2016 presidential candidates are celebrating Fourth of July

6 hours 1 min ago

All hail the red, white and blue.

Independence Day is a time for enjoying fireworks, eating hot dogs and watching United States presidential candidates show just how much more patriotic they are than their competitors

See also: What the 2016 presidential candidates are saying about the gay marriage ruling

Check out our list, below, of what the 2016 candidates are saying and doing this Fourth of July weekend:

The Democrats Lincoln Chafee

Former Rhode Island governor Chafee kept his message simple and apolitical by wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July.

239 years ago brave patriots brought us independence and freedom! #IndependenceDay Let's all enjoy the day and celebrate#Happy4thJuly -L

— Lincoln Chafee (@LincolnChafee) July 4, 2015

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Government faces challenge in proving airlines worked together to keep prices high

6 hours 10 min ago

WASHINGTON — As the U.S. Justice Department launches an investigation into possible collusion in the airline industry, experts say the government faces the burden of proving that carriers were deliberately signaling business decisions to each other.

Airlines routinely increase flights based on demand. A particularly cold winter in the Northeast, for instance, might merit more flights to the Caribbean. And sometimes, routes are cut because there isn't enough demand. Nothing is illegal about that.

See also: The most common airline fees, and how to avoid them

Any company can limit the supply of its own products, whether airline tickets, sneakers or smartphones. But it would be illegal for airlines to work together to limit flights in order to drive up fares. Read more...

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Women's World Cup final: How the USA can write itself a perfect ending

6 hours 54 min ago

Sometimes the narrative plays out better than even the most fanciful Hollywood scriptwriter could dream up. Such is the case for the U.S. national team's road to the Women's World Cup final against Japan on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET

We had a quest. We had a heroic buildup. We had a minor fall, and major questions

Now we have one final test and a chance at redemption

See also: How FIFA left France out of the Women's World Cup semifinals

The U.S. entered this tournament with only one acceptable result: Win the Women's World Cup for the first time since 1999, when Brandi Chastain famously ripped off her shirt in celebration to bare the black sports bra seen 'round the world. Propped by mountains of hype in American media, triumph this year appeared almost a foregone conclusion at first glance Read more...

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22 things that happen on every episode of 'Love It or List It'

6 hours 55 min ago

Love it or hate it, it's easy to slump into the couch and watch HGTV for countless hours

So if you've ever spent an afternoon watching the channel, you've probably come across Love It or List It, a renovation/realty style show that HGTV loves. Because, let's face it, we love renovation shows and we also love House Hunters, so why not mash them together and add in some dramatic hosts who hate each other?

See also: Inside the Property Brothers' waxy prank at Madame Tussauds

The show follows one mildly happy couple that is unhappy with their current living situation. The hosts, interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin, attempt to sway the couple to love their home after a renovation, or list it for sale, respectively. Read more...

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The most beautiful (and ridiculous) blunts known to man

7 hours 25 min ago

At any social gathering where there's weed present, there's always "that guy" who thinks he is the best blunt roller ever to grace the planet. Well, that guy just met his match.

Blunt-rolling extraordinaire, known simply as ValleyRec420 on Instagram, has taken the art of rolling to a whole new level. Forget Pineapple Express' cross joint — ValleyRec420 crafted a helicopter blunt, among many other unnecessary contraptions

See also: The farm-to-table marijuana experience is here

So if you've ever wanted to smoke a turtle or helicopter blunt, just party with this guy

BONUS: Inside a high-end cannabis grow house

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Coney Island crowns new hot dog-eating champ in monumental upset

7 hours 36 min ago


NEW YORK — Joey Chestnut gave it all he had, but it simply wasn't enough in Saturday's Coney Island hot dog-eating contest. Matt Stonie, who placed second last year, won by downing 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Chestnut ate 60.

For the past eight years, Chestnut has reigned supreme in the East Coast competition. Last year, he ate 61 to win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

See also: New York City joins global race for the world's tallest Ferris wheel

Chestnut set the all-time hot dog-eating record on Coney Island in 2013, eating 69 hot dogs in the 10-minute food fest. That record, at least, remains unbroken — we'll have to wait until next year to see if someone can eat 70. Read more...

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Video captures moment fireworks hit crowd in Colorado

8 hours 4 min ago

Nine people suffered minor burns when fireworks were accidentally shot into the crowd in Avon, Colorado.

Town manager Virginia Egger told The Associated Press that a malfunction caused a fireworks shell to explode in its tube, rather than firing into the sky Friday night. She said the misfired shell caused a rack of shells to tip, causing two or three shells to go off toward the crowd.

Courtney von der Heyde, a Vail, Colorado, resident who was watching the fireworks, captured the moment on video:

Fireworks gone wrong!!! #avonfireworks

A video posted by Courtney (@courtneyvdh) on Jul 3, 2015 at 10:00pm PDT Read more...

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11 crazy fruits that will take your taste buds around the world

8 hours 25 min ago

The world isn't just apples and oranges. There are rambutans, lychees and durians too!

Half of these fruits don't even look edible, but they are — and they're pretty tasty too. Take a look at these interesting fruits from around the world, and maybe you'll get some travel inspiration, too.


Image: Konstantin Trubavin

About the size of a plum, the mangosteen has a super sweet fruit underneath its waxy purple exterior.

In Indonesia, it is common to make tea and jams out of the mangosteen, since it is extremely sweet. The fruit is also touted as a cure to some health ailments, although the science is out on that. Read more...

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First look at 'Minecraft: Story Mode': It's an epic, star-studded adventure

8 hours 28 min ago

Patton Oswalt is setting out on a Minecraft adventure.

The actor leads a star-studded cast in Minecraft: Story Mode, a five-part series from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones developer Telltale Games. Oswalt is joined by Brian Posehn (Mr. Show), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Martha Plimpton (The Goonies), Dave Fennoy (Telltale's The Walking Dead), Corey Feldman (yes, that Corey Feldman), Billy West (Futurama) and Paul Reubens.

Quite a lineup.

Being a Telltale game, Minecraft: Story Mode is driven by the choices that players make. Protagonist Jesse and his friends unwittingly embark on a quest to save their world from destruction, seeking the aid of four legendary heroes that took down the Ender Dragon. Jesse's adventure is set to span all corners of the Minecraft universe, from the Nether to the Far Lands. Read more...

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The time America put its national treasures on a cross-country train

9 hours 25 min ago

An elderly woman, a former slave, reading the Emancipation Proclamation in a glass case on the Freedom Train.

Image: Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Between 1947 and 1949, America's most treasured documents crisscrossed the length and breadth of the nation, on board a train — the "Freedom Train."

The idea for the remarkable train had come to William Coblenz of the Public Information division of the Department of Justice, during his lunch hour. Perusing an exhibition at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., Coblenz was saddened that most Americans would never see the great documents of American history. Read more...

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Your life needs Fuzzberta the guinea pig

9 hours 55 min ago

Step aside, cats and dogs — the guinea pigs are cornering Instagram's cuteness market.

Take for example, Fuzzberta P. Jones, or just Fuzzberta for short. She's a 2-year-old guinea pig from Pacifica, California and the human behind her account, Monica Wu, is a graphic designer

"The P stands for Pikachu," Wu tells Mashable. "It used to stand for 'pee' because every time we took her out of the cage, she'd pee herself and often on me."

See also: Professor BooBoo Is Here to School the Internet

A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on Jul 1, 2015 at 3:32pm PDT

Wu says that she loved the idea of creating "tiny handmade analog worlds within the confines of a rectangular photograph." Read more...

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We tried out Tindog (Tinder for dogs) and this is what happened

11 hours 33 min ago

LONDON — It might sound like an odd thing to say, but for too long there's been a hairy, dog-shaped hole in the world of online dating. There are plenty of places to go if you're feeling lonely and want to meet people, but what if it's your dog that's feeling lonely? What if Rover wants to make some new dog buddies to chase sticks in the park with, or Fido wants to find that special someone with whom he can share long, tail-wagging beachside walks?

See also: 38 dogs who are tail-waggingly excited about their first day at work

Well luckily this is the Internet, and if there's enough demand for something (or, let's face it, even if there's absolutely no demand at all), someone will eventually invent it Read more...

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