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Updated: 22 min 35 sec ago

'Harry Potter' stop-motion builds Hogwarts from book pages

32 min 31 sec ago

In honor of J.K. Rowling and the world of Harry Potter, the stop-motion animators over at unPOP created an intricate paper Hogwarts from the pages of The Prisoner of Azkaban

The team spent more than a month building the props and sets, and filming the paper Hogwarts as it rises up from the book's pages. The result is a delightful stop-motion that captures the magic of reading the books for the first time.

Emma Stone feasts on a snack of cash in video for Arcade Fire's Will Butler

Meet your match, drones: This device will stop 'em in their tracks

Todrick Hall does a monster mashup of Lady Gaga's hits

Fight off zombies with Daryl Dixon in action-packed 'Walking Dead' mobile game Read more...

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20 incredible cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2015

37 min 35 sec ago

To stand out at New York Comic Con is to stand out amongst some of the most dedicated, creative cosplayers in the world. To put it simply: it's intense.

Amid the dozens of Deadpools, Harley Quinns and various dark knights, a few cosplayers repped their favorite characters so well that we had to snap a picture of them.

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For anyone not sure whether or not cosplay is for you, take a look at these masters of the craft and let jealously fuel your costume crafting.

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An ambitious new ad blocker takes no prisoners, blocking Facebook ads with a twist

59 min 59 sec ago

For all the teeth-gnashing over Apple's mobile ad blocking, ads have still enjoyed a safe haven within individual iOS9 apps — that is, until now.

A powerful new ad blocker that hit the hit the App Store last week called Been Choice has invaded that last refuge of commercial promotion: It lets users not only shut out ads in the Safari browser but also within mobile apps like Facebook, Pandora and even Apple's own News app.

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The free app filters users' Internet traffic through a VPN, or virtual private network, with a tool that searches out patterns typically associated with ads or trackers Read more...

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This service lets you frame the tattooed skin of dead loved ones

1 hour 9 min ago

If you have ever looked longingly at your beautiful tattoo and bemoaned the fact that it won't last forever, there's now a creative and slightly creepy solution for you.

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) offers a service called "Save My Ink," which allows you to save and frame pieces of your tattooed skin when you pass away. Because why should you let your artwork die with you?

See also: What is the purpose of Justin Bieber's new tattoo and also life?

Image: NAPSA

So, how does framing a piece of your own epidermis work? Well, in order to have one of your tattoos preserved by this unique service, you must designate a beneficiary, who will then alert NAPSA within 18 hours of your death. NAPSA will then overnight a special skin removal kit to the funeral home, along with the necessary paperwork Read more...

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Stars of 'Suffragette' discuss women's rights on the red carpet

1 hour 14 min ago

LONDON — The London Film Festival kicked off with a bang - literally - Wednesday, as protestors stormed the red carpet of the Suffragette premiere, letting off smoke bombs and chanting slogans.

See also: Domestic violence protesters take over 'Suffragette' red carpet

It was perhaps a fitting disruption ahead of a film about the often violent fight for women's rights, and welcomed by many of the films stars, including Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Marie Duff.

Duff spoke to Mashable, along with the film's stars Brendan Gleeson and Romola Garai, its director Sarah Gavron, and two of Emmeline Pankhurt's descendents, about women's rights and sexism in the film industry, in the clip above. Read more...

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Ex-Lululemon CEO apologizes for fat-shaming remarks from 2 years ago

1 hour 19 min ago

It took two years, but Lululemon's founder and former CEO Chip Wilson has finally taken responsibility for the fat-shaming comments he made in a 2013 television interview. But not without a few jabs at the current state of the athletic company

“I was honest, but, I tell you, I was wrong,” Wilson said Tuesday at the International Shopping Centers Conference in Toronto. “My life was perfect up until this point and then it became a disaster not only for me but my family and Lululemon.”

See also: How much more does Lululemon have to fail before customers bail?

In a 2013 interview with Bloomberg discussing a different company, Wilson was asked about a Lululemon recall affecting its too-thin — and therefore see-through — black yoga pants. Read more...

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The new Snapchat backpack is the perfect trick-or-treat tote

1 hour 32 min ago

The beloved Snapchat ghost is now portable.

Snapchat released a backpack on Thursday shaped like its spooky icon, sold exclusively on Amazon for $44.99.

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Image: Amazon

The backpack takes the shape of a winking ghost, with a functional zipper tongue on the front pocket

Image: Amazon

Amazon describes the ghost bag as being useful "for trick or treating, or toting some very important documents to your next meeting."

One thing's for sure — if you manage to nab this knapsack, you'll definitely be the snappiest dresser at school (or work).

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How Stephen Colbert's beautiful 'Late Show' studio came to be

1 hour 36 min ago

It had been 22 years since New York City's iconic Ed Sullivan Theater had been touched by an army of hammer and nails

But when Stephen Colbert moved into the space that David Letterman had called home since 1993, it was time to renovate the space — while also pushing it forward technologically

See also: Misty Copeland floats through performance with Yo-Yo Ma on Colbert's 'Late Show'

That was no small feat

And as Stephen Colbert admits in a short documentary about the renovation, he was more than a little nervous about the process.

The Ed Sullivan theater before renovation.

Image: Frank Oudema

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Why women face a greater risk of running out of retirement money

1 hour 36 min ago

Lower earnings and longer lives — it's a powerful one-two punch, and it threatens to keep women on the ropes in retirement

A recent study measured the retirement savings divide between 45-year-old men and women. It found that women, on average, are more than $268,000 short of what they need to retire comfortably at 65. For the average man, it's $212,000. For every $100 a man sets aside, a woman needs to set aside $126. That's a 26% gender gap.

SEE ALSO: In North America's costliest city, rich Chinese take the blame

What can be done? Women need to begin their retirement planning all the earlier, to determine what goal would realistically suit them (most people don't even run projections). While estimating future expenses is hard, the websites of large fund companies have calculators to help investors figure it out, and better planning tools are showing up on more 401(k) plan sites

For the study, Financial Finesse analyzed data on median income, retirement savings, life expectancy, 401(k) salary deferral rates, and projected health-care costs to find out how much men and women would need to save to retire at 65 and live on 70% of pre-retirement income Read more...

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Gorgeous Aurora Borealis puts on show over Scotland in timelapse video

1 hour 37 min ago

Spectators hoping to see the aurora borealis were handsomely rewarded on Wednesday night across the UK and Ireland. This stunning timelapse shows the phenomenon lighting up in the skies over Ardersier, a small town in Scotland. [Additional reporting by Storyful] Read more...

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U.S. officials: Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria landed in Iran

1 hour 44 min ago

Cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in the Caspian Sea that were intended for targets in Syria instead struck areas in Iran, U.S. officials at the Pentagon reported Thursday

See also: Why is Russia bombing Syria?

#Breaking: A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, officials say

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) October 8, 2015

Officials speaking on conditions of anonymity didn't have many details to offer, according to reports by The Associated Press and the New York Times. There have been no reports of any damage or casualties, but one official told the AP that four missiles went off course. Read more...

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Mars once had long-lived lakes, upping odds it harbored life

1 hour 51 min ago

Imagine yourself at the shoreline of a lake. It's a little chilly, the wind is blowing and there are no trees, grasses or other signs of vegetation. The lake itself is only several feet deep, but it is fed by a system of deltas that flow into it

The lake looks similar to something you might find in a mountain valley on Earth, but it also might be what you would have seen if you stood at the rim of the 96-mile Gale Crater on Mars more than 3 billion years ago

See also: NASA says liquid water may flow on Mars. What does it mean for life?

Forget the piddly flows of water on Mars today, billions of years ago, the red planet probably played host to streams, lakes and deltas of fresh water which likely could have supported microbial life, a new study shows Read more...

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'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer talks criticism and 'Life and Death' at New York Comic Con

2 hours 3 min ago

Whether you love it, hate it, or staunchly avoid it, Twilight has been a part of your life in some form over the past decade. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Stephenie Meyer’s paranormal teen romance, the author came to New York Comic Con to discuss her characters, her latest surprise novel, and the future of the Twilight universe.

After a decade of escalating fame and subsequent criticism, both Meyer and the Twilight fanbase are still going strong. Her entrance into a room can still elicis gasps from a packed crowd — and even a mention of her unpublished Midnight Sun, a novel from the point of view of vampire Edward Cullen, sets fans cheering Read more...

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Lyft entices drivers with new perks, including discounted gas, faster payouts

2 hours 4 min ago

SAN FRANCISCO — Lyft just gave its drivers a lot of reasons to stay with the company. The company unveiled a series of new perks for drivers at an event at its headquarters Thursday.

Among the updates are discounted gas prices, cheaper rental car rates and changes to its app that make it easier for drivers to get paid faster.

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“We’re going to make it easier and more affordable than ever for anyone to become a Lyft driver,” the company's VP of Partnerships, Oliver Hsiang, said during the event.

For drivers, one of the most significant details of the update is a new Express Pay feature that gives them more control over how and when they get paid. While drivers were previously paid every Tuesday, Express Pay will allow them to cash out their current earnings in the app any time the amount reaches $50 or higher. Read more...

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People are getting naked and posing as frozen chickens

2 hours 9 min ago

It seems that the newest photo craze involves getting naked, lying on the ground, and posing like a frozen chicken

Because nobody had anything better to do this weekend

See also: A man in Ireland rode a horse into Tesco because nothing makes sense anymore

The bizarre movement, which has taken on the hashtag #FrozenChook, seems to be popular predominantly in New Zealand. People are dropping trou, snapping a quick photo, and then getting on with their lives. The goal is to resemble a basic, grocery-store-freezer-section chicken

Sometimes the backdrop is beautiful and scenic ...

Image: Facebook

... and sometimes it isn't

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New 'Game of Thrones' red priestess announces her role on Instagram

2 hours 27 min ago

It totally sucks scrolling through Instagram with major FOMO from weddings you didn't want to attend but would have liked to be invited to, fresh innovations in avocado toast and your friend flying to Spain to film Game of Thrones

British actress Melanie Liburd will be joining the cast in the upcoming season as a red priestess. This could be Kinvara, who talks politics with Tyrion and Varys in a previously leaked audition tape

See also: Presenting 'Cage of Thrones,' starring Nic Cage and Nic Cage and Nic Cage

The casting has fans wondering what this means for red priestess Melissandre's fate, and, accordingly, Jon Snow's Read more...

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We read the gender-swapped 'Twilight' so you don't have to

2 hours 28 min ago

I was newly 15 when I read Twilight for the first time in 2005. Fast forward 10 years, and the series' very name brings to mind four bestselling books that have been ripped apart by critics and readers alike, five films with huge box office receipts that drew even bigger jeers, a fandom that's become a punchline, and associated projects with their own problematic discourse, like Fifty Shades of Grey

While I had my reservations about Stephenie Meyer's choice to rewrite her original novel with the genders swapped — why bother? — I was shocked to discover that it achieved something I never thought possible. By reading something that got back to basics and stripped away most of the BS surrounding the franchise, I was finally able to enjoy Twilight again. Read more...

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These old lost and found rooms were brimming with treasures

2 hours 31 min ago

Aug. 3, 1930

An armful of assorted lost property found on Southern Railway trains.

Image: Fox Photos/Getty Images

July 1929

A rail worker adds a piece of left luggage to the lost property pile at Waterloo Station, London.

Image: Fox Photos/Getty Images

April 9, 1931

The Great Western Railway Lost Property Office at Park Royal, London.

Image: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Sept. 19, 1932

A lost property officer holds a pair of crutches which were left behind at Skegness station

Image: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Feb. 1, 1934

A man wears a pith helmet and holds some of the other items stored at London Transport's Lost Property Office in London. Read more...

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Semi truck smashes world record with astonishing 166-foot jump

2 hours 49 min ago

When you go to make a world-record jump in a semi truck, you hope not to underestimate the speed required to make the jump, which sometimes leads to over-shooting the thing altogether

That's exactly what happened to Gregg Godfrey when he attempted a 140-foot world-record jump at the annual Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana, this year.

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Shown in the video above, Godfrey did well over his 140-foot goal. In fact, he sailed 166 feet — smashing the previous 62-foot record — before coming to a jarring landing in the Montana soil

This, however, was not the only record broken that summer evening. Godfrey's nephew Tanner, who is paralyzed from the waist down, made a 202-foot leap off the same dirt ramp in a utility terrain vehicle, which broke the 198-foot record, according to the Montana Standard. Read more...

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The best airlines for long trips in economy class

2 hours 54 min ago

There's nothing like a middle seat on a long flight to remind you how uncomfortable flying can be.

But some airlines do better than others, and has announced its picks for the best economy service. To earn a spot on the list, these airlines' economy class seats typically had a pitch of 31-34 inches, 6 inches of recline, multiple complimentary meals and beverages, in-flight entertainment and comfort-focused amenities like blankets and pillows.

See also: The best airlines in 2015 don't include any based in the U.S.

It's bad news (again) for U.S. airlines: Not even one U.S. carrier made it on the list. Instead, the honors went to Asian and Gulf carriers that are building reputations around their ability to make even coach customers feel like they're worth good service. Read more...

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