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Fired Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro’s Severance Totaled $58M

TechCrunch - 20 min 46 sec ago
When Yahoo removed Henrique De Castro as its COO, it wasn't clear how much loot he was going to take with him. The final tally, revealed today in an SEC filing that also detailed Yahoo's board nominations, has the figure: $58 million. Read More

College kids gave Siri new powers and now you can too

Engadget - 24 min 31 sec ago
We already know Apple is working on improving Siri, but gosh dangit, the folks in Cupertino just aren't moving as fast as some would like. That's why a quartet of freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania decided to try making Siri do more on their...

Photojojo Gets Into Camera Gear Rentals (But Not Just For Fancy Lenses)

TechCrunch - 25 min 55 sec ago
 Photodojo began as a newsletter for photography enthusiasts to share their latest tricks. Over time, it's evolved into a popular storefront for photo geeks, selling unique but oh-so-useful photography accessories. Now they're trying something new: camera and gadget rentals... but probably not like anything you've seen before. Read More

Fire Truck Plows Into Restaurant Near Los Angeles; Several Injured

Mashable - 25 min 56 sec ago

A fire truck plowed into a restaurant east of Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, injuring at least 14 people including customers and four firefighers, according to multiple local media reports.

Pictures coming in from Fire truck crash... Possibly more than 8 injured..#MontereyPark

— Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBCLA) April 16, 2014

Officials said two fire trucks collided sometime after 3 p.m. in Monterey Park, about 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The crash sent one of the rigs plowing into the Lu Dumpling House. Officials had not yet said what caused the collision. Read more...

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Passenger Texts Mother From Ill-Fated South Korean Ferry: 'I Love You'

Mashable - 38 min 58 sec ago

Six people are dead, 55 are injured and hundreds remain missing after a ferry capsized off the southern coast of South Korea Wednesday morning. Some passengers sent farewell text messages to their loved ones, as the ferry began to sink

Of the more than 470 people on board, there were 325 students and 15 teachers from Danwon High School in Ansan, a city near Seoul, according to the Associated Press.

See also: South Korean Coast Guard Releases Dramatic Footage of Sunken Ferry

A South Korean media outlet, The Kyunghyang Shinmun, obtained a screenshot of an emotional text-message exchange between a student aboard the ferry and his mother Read more...

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Biz Stone: Mega-wealth ‘amplifies who you are’

Venture Beat - 47 min 32 sec ago

Above: Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter & Jelly

SAUSALITO, Calif. — These days, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone is focused on his new startup, Jelly Industries.

Jelly describes itself on its website as “a loose network of nerves that act as a ‘brain,’ similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other.”

Stone, 40, founded the startup last year with partner Ben Finkel. Since leaving the day-to-day operations of Twitter a few years ago, Stone has invested in, and sits on the board of, a host of companies, including Square, Nest Labs, Xanga, and Blogger, which Google now owns.

He is married, has a 2-year-old son, Jacob, and derives immense satisfaction using his estimated $200 million wealth to donate to charities and foundations in order to help others. He lives in Marin County.

Stone, quiet though affable, rarely does press these days. I caught up with him at VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit, where he talked about today’s mobile landscape, how the smartphone is embedded into our DNA, what it’s like being tremendously wealthy, and how he doesn’t really miss the day-to-day at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

He also actively blogs on his website,

VentureBeat: How much has changed in the mobile space since you founded Twitter almost a decade ago?

Biz Stone: Everything since I founded Twitter eight years ago. There was no iPhone. Smartphones were the Palm, with a stylus and everything. That was the smartphone. Nobody had those. A few of us did.  So everything changed. It’s amazing to think only so long ago, 2007, when the first iPhone came out. Now, everything is mobile. Or a tablet, which is basically the same. I lump those two together. The world is a completely different place. The mobile phone is now the most intimate witness to our lives. It’s the thing that where, when we’re three-quarters of our way to work, and we’re still driving, we’re trying to get to our mobile phones. Not our wallets, but the mobile phone.

VentureBeat: The mobile phone is basically our lives.

Stone: You have to have it. And as a result, it’s become this extension of us that we can’t live without. And so now, when I think of consumer systems to build, I think mobile-first. And actually, we were mobile first at Twitter. But that was only because we were trying to hack SMS to do something that it wasn’t meant to do. We thought that was fun. Like, let’s take this thing and use it for another. And so Twitter was mobile-first, and it was a stroke of luck. Because then, the iPhone came out a year after we started working on Twitter. The timing was beautiful.

VentureBeat: Do you still miss the early days of Twitter, when it was a day-to-day thing for you?

Stone: I don’t miss the day-to-day at Twitter because I’m so engaged with Jelly. I do go over to Twitter quite often, and I meet with Dick [Twitter CEO Dick Costolo], and I meet with Jack [Twitter cofounder and chairman Jack Dorsey].  I do have a bunch of ideas I’d like to have them implement. And I love to bend Dick’s ear. But I don’t miss it, and I have complete faith in the current executive bench there and the team we built to take this company all the way. I feel good about it. Sometimes, I miss it. But in general, no. Also, I’m so into Jelly.

VentueBeat: You still own a considerable equity stake in Twitter, right?

Stone: A lot of equity for an individual person. Too much, really, for one person. I mean, it’s worth a lot of money.

VentureBeat: What’s it like being as wealthy as you are?

Stone: Well, I have lots of theories on money. My theory on mega-wealth is that it amplifies who you are. So if you’re a jerk, you become a bigger jerk. If you’re a nice person, you become a philanthropist; you become very helpful. I consider myself a nice person, and my wife and I have a foundation. We give a lot away, and we try to help people. It’s also extremely freeing. It frees you from all the anxieties of whether or not you’re going to be able to pay bills or take care of your ailing parents or friends. So it’s a true gift, and we believe in giving back.


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Poof! Speakers Disappear at Bang & Olufsen's Concept Store

Mashable - 48 min 25 sec ago

If Admiral Ackbar had anything to say about Bang & Olufsen's new concept store in Midtown Manhattan, it would be, "It's a trap!"

See also: Apple to Open First Store in Turkey

That's because the high-end audio-visual company has designed its store as a lure. In the window are the shiny, seemingly affordable products from the company's sister brand, B&O PlayHeadphones, wireless speakers and earbuds are prominent ... and beckoning.

The front of the Bang & Olufsen concept store features products from the B&O Play brand.

Image: Mashable, Will Fenstermaker

But that's just stage one. Once an interested passerby enters, Bang & Olufsen snares them with the second zone: a wall where beautiful high-end speakers appear out of nowhere. Individual sections of the wall revolve to beautifully reveal models, such as the BeoLab 18 and BeoLab 17, and — thanks to Wi-Fi — with no wires in sight. Read more...

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Daily Roundup: Samsung Gear 2 review, allure of the anonymous internet and more!

Engadget - 50 min 31 sec ago
You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all...

Pinterest’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” Could Be A Travel Product

TechCrunch - 52 min 59 sec ago
 Pinterest's upcoming news event, dubbed "Choose Your Own Adventure," may not be directly related to the company's efforts in the personalization space, but rather the announcement of a consumer-facing travel product, we're hearing. The launch will be aimed at attracting more men to Pinterest's service, which is today overwhelmingly female. Read More

Samsung Saw Opportunity in Steve Jobs' Death, Emails Reveal

Mashable - 56 min 31 sec ago

It's not a smoking gun in legal terms, but a series of emails that leaked out of the ongoing Apple v. Samsung trial Wednesday certainly didn't show the South Korean tech giant in the best possible moral light

The email thread between several Samsung executives begins on October 4, 2011, the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S. Michael Pennington, then the company's VP of sales for North America, complained that "it continues to be Samsung's position to avoid attacking Apple directly, due to their status as a large customer" (of Samsung processors), according to court documents uploaded here by the Wall Street Journal here [PDF]. Read more...

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GoPro Project Claims Technology Is Making People Lose Empathy For Homeless

Slashdot - 1 hour 31 sec ago
EwanPalmer (2536690) writes "A project involving GoPro cameras and people living on the streets of San Francisco has suggests technology is making people feel less compassionate towards the homeless. Started by Kevin F Adler, the Homeless GoPro project aims to 'build empathy through a first-hand perspective' by strapping one of the cameras onto homeless volunteers to document their lives and daily interactions. One of the volunteers, Adam Reichart, said he believes it is technology which is stopping people feel sympathy towards people living on the street as it's easier to have 'less feelings when you're typing something' than looking at them in the eye"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Yahoo Nominates One Of Its Co-Founders, A Stock Guru, And A Former Walmart CEO To Its Board

TechCrunch - 1 hour 1 min ago
 Call it Yahoo's version of the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. The venerable Internet firm today announced a trio of nominations to its board that could round out the sort of folks keeping tabs on its focus. Most interesting among the nominations is David Filo, a Yahoo co-founder. Read More

Ad Company Tremor Video Now Offers Automated Campaign Optimization Across Screens

TechCrunch - 1 hour 7 min ago
 Tremor Video, a video ad company that went public last year, has announced a new product that should take a lot of headache and uncertainty out of running ad campaigns across desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Internet-connected TVs. Cross-screen advertising is a big buzzword (buzzphrase?) right now, but Tremor CTO Steven Lee said that when it comes to running a campaign, there's still a… Read More

7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

Chris Brogan - 1 hour 10 min ago

I was looking at the news flow stream thing on LinkedIn just now. Don’t ask. But you know, I thought I’d see if anything was worth my time. I found that pretty much every post fell into two categories: “go to my thing” or “read my bland and boring article.” So, a fun idea came to mind.

7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

  1. Use graphics everyone else would use. Especially people in suits or weird stick men and dollar signs.
  2. Make sure you use a number in the post title, unless it’s an event. Then just say “new event” or “premier event” or “save your seat.”
  3. Use bombastic titles and claims like, “The most outrageous ___ you’ll ever see, and that’s not the half of it!”
  4. Make splelling errors. Ltso of them.
  5. Write the same post as someone else.
  6. Report on rumors.
  7. Forget to finish your post.

Our attention is so precious, so finite. Why waste it?

Heck, this post is a waste. Stop reading it. Do something else. Listen to my podcast instead.

Police Make Arrest After Fraudster Exploits Heartbleed to Steal Taxpayer Data

Mashable - 1 hour 12 min ago

Canadian police have arrested and charged a man who allegedly exploited the Heartbleed bug to steal personal data, including social security numbers, from the Canada Revenue Agency's website.

The arrest comes two days after the CRA first revealed it had experienced a security breach resulting in the loss of taxpayer data.

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The 19-year-old man, identified by The Canadian Press as Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes of Ontario, was charged with unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Canada's Western University confirmed to The Canadian Press Solis-Reyes is a computer science student at the school Read more...

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Why Yahoo’s Not Going To Steal The Search Default For iPhone Away From Google

Search Engine Land - 1 hour 13 min ago
Apparently Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wants to be the default search for Apple’s Safari browser on iPhone and iPad and has been preparing to make a solid pitch. Well, we all want things we can’t have, and I’d be incredibly surprised if Yahoo got its wish here. Kara Swisher over at...

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Here's how to chat with Windows Phone's new assistant outside of the US

Engadget - 1 hour 31 min ago
Don't despair that Windows Phone 8.1's signature virtual assistant, Cortana, doesn't officially work outside of the US -- as it turns out, there's a fairly easy way to try it in other countries. Pocket-lint notes that early adopters can chat with...

Real-Life Joffrey Smiles About 'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding

Mashable - 1 hour 35 min ago

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.

Looks like even Jack Gleeson — the actor who played Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones — is happy his character died

The terrible boy-king kicked the bucket on Sunday's episode, poisoned by pie and/or wine, but fans (and most of the other characters) weren't the least bit concerned. After all, we hated Joffrey as much as Joffrey loved Joffrey

See also: 11 'Game of Thrones' Characters React to Purple Wedding

But an Instagram picture posted by Gleeson's friend on Tuesday proves that the actor was a-okay with his unexpected passing

It also proves that he's good at photobombing, thumbs-up signs and bleeding from the eyes Read more...

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Is the Spider-Man and X-Men Movie Team-Up for Real?

Mashable - 1 hour 44 min ago

Spider-Man and the X-Men — together at last on the big screen? Well, sort of.

Word came down Wednesday that the post-credits “stinger” at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 featured Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, fighting a group of soldiers alongside some fellow X-Men.

SEE ALSO: Marvel 'Mystery' Movie: 9 Things Fox Could Have Up Its Spandex Sleeve

That revelation, by way of the film’s release overseas, touched off a wave of speculation that Sony, owner of the Spider-Man movie franchise, and 20th Century Fox, which owns X-Men, might be engaged in some kind of major new crossover to mirror the two superheroes’ frequent collaborations in the comic books. Read more...

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Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality

Slashdot - 1 hour 46 min ago
mpicpp (3454017) writes "The 'kill switch,' a system for remotely disabling smartphones and wiping their data, will become standard in 2015, according to a pledge backed by most of the mobile world's major players. Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, along with the five biggest cellular carriers in the United States, are among those that have signed on to a voluntary program announced Tuesday by the industry's largest trade group. All smartphones manufactured for sale in the United States after July 2015 must have the technology, according to the program from CTIA. Advocates say the feature would deter thieves from taking mobile devices by rendering phones useless while allowing people to protect personal information if their phone is lost or stolen. Its proponents include law enforcement officials concerned about the rising problem of smartphone theft."

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