Gene Testing Often Gets It Wrong

Slashdot - 16 hours 34 min ago
BarbaraHudson writes: ABC is reporting that gene tests for risk of specific diseases are not as accurate as we'd like to think, with different labs giving different interpretations. Over 400 gene variants that could help one make medical decisions regarding breast and ovarian cancer or heart disease have different interpretations from different labs according to the study. "The magnitude of this problem is bigger than most people thought," said Michael Watson, executive director of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, one of the study's authors. Researchers caution consumers to be careful when choosing where to have a gene test done and acting on the results.

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Google's URL shortener deeps links directly to iOS and Android apps

Engadget - 16 hours 46 min ago
You know those shortcuts you regularly come across on Twitter or Facebook and other places online? They now open the exact pages they link to either on the website's official app or on your browsers. For instance, if you click on a shortcut th...

Microsoft is adding a headset port to Xbox One controllers

Engadget - 17 hours 33 min ago
Even though the Xbox One controller has earned many plaudits, one thing universally hated is the lack of a headphone port. So far the best solution has been to buy the $24.99 Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, but even that's not without its problems. ...

Apple Store app offers same-day delivery in select locations

Engadget - 17 hours 48 min ago
The Apple Store app now offers same-day delivery service through Postmates, the same company bringing Big Macs to New York City homes and Starbucks coffee to households and offices in several US cities. To be clear, the two companies have been workin...

London’s Passion Capital Raises $69M For Its Second Early Stage Fund

TechCrunch - 18 hours 21 min ago
 London-based Passion Capital has raised a second fund for investing in early stage U.K.-based startups — today announcing a coffer of £45 million ($69M) to power its next phase of investments. Read More

Lenovo's 'Magic View' smartwatch concept hides a private display

Engadget - 18 hours 30 min ago
Smartwatches, you know the drill: a touchscreen display, and it feeds you notifications and stuff. Pretty boring, right? Lenovo agrees, so has cooked up a "Magic View" concept to show things don't need to be this way. The problem Magic View solves is...

High Court Orders UK ISPs To Block EBook Sites

Slashdot - 18 hours 59 min ago
An anonymous reader writes: The UK High Court has ordered British ISPs to block seven websites that help users find unauthorized copies of eBooks. Under the order, BT, Virgin, Sky, EE and TalkTalk must block AvaxHome, Bookfi, Bookre, Ebookee, Freebookspot, Freshwap and LibGen within the next ten days. “We are very pleased that the High Court has granted this order and, in doing so, recognizes the damage being inflicted on UK publishers and authors by these infringing websites,” says Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The Publishers Association. “A third of publisher revenues now come from digital sales but unfortunately this rise in the digital market has brought with it a growth in online infringement. Our members need to be able to protect their authors’ works from such illegal activity; writers need to be paid and publishers need to be able to continue to innovate and invest in new talent and material.”

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Microsoft's new Windows Store policy will combat junk apps

Engadget - 19 hours 9 min ago
It's no secret that Windows Store has serious issues not just with scammy apps, but also with spammy ones. Now, Microsoft is finally addressing that problem by introducing a stricter certification policy for new and existing apps that could clean its...

Microblogging Site Weibo Invests $142M In China’s Top Taxi-Hailing Firm Didi Kuaidi

TechCrunch - 19 hours 25 min ago
 Weibo, the NYSE-listed microblogging company in China, is an unlikely investor in China’s soon-to-merge taxi-hailing apps Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. Read More

Canada's response to Netflix is available nationwide this summer

Engadget - 19 hours 59 min ago
Canadian cable firms Rogers and Shaw have hogged the Shomi video service all to themselves during its testing phase, but they're loosening up now that they're nearly ready for prime time. The two have revealed that their answer to Netflix will be ava...

Lenovo Launches Motorola’s Moto Maker Customization Suite In China

TechCrunch - 20 hours 13 min ago
 Lenovo re-introduced Motorola smartphones to China in January, and now it has launched the Moto Maker customization service there too. Read More

Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface

Engadget - 20 hours 45 min ago
Smartphones with built-in projectors -- well, just the two from Samsung, really -- haven't exactly been a huge hit so far, but Lenovo thinks it's finally got the right use case for this combination: beaming a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto your...

This telescope is really just 10 Canon lenses strapped together

Engadget - 20 hours 58 min ago
Hunting for extremely dim galaxies is especially difficult with single-lens telescopes. That's because, no matter how technologically advanced, the device's design cannot fully eliminate detail-obscuring scattered light from the resulting images. The...

Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Lines

Slashdot - 21 hours 34 min ago
Eloking writes: Professor Jun-Ichi Hayashi from the University of Tsukuba in Japan has discovered the regulation of two genes involved with the production of glycine are partly responsible for some of the characteristics of aging. With this finding he has been able to "flip the switches on a few genes back to their youthful position, effectively reversing the aging process." The Professor's findings cast doubt on the mitochondrial theory of aging, which proposes that the accumulation of mutations in the mitochondrial DNA are responsible for aging.

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Lenovo Releases A Media Stream Puck

TechCrunch - 22 hours 1 min ago
 This thing somehow sticks to an HDTV. Called the Lenovo Cast, it’s the firm’s first media streaming device and is designed to work with Android devices. Launching this August at $49 and lacking native apps, it’s a more expensive Chromecast, but don’t write off Lenovo’s product just yet. Read More

'Nano-paper' chips end up in compost heaps, not landfills

Engadget - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 11:59pm
Today's cast-off gadgets are far more likely to end up in a landfill than they are being responsibly disposed of. In fact, 41.8 million tons of e-waste were scrapped last year alone. To combat this, a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has...

Pixelmator's photo-editing app is coming to the iPhone

Engadget - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 10:41pm
After testing the waters on Mac and iPad successfully, Pixelmator is now bringing its highly rated image editor to Apple's iPhone. Finally. Most notably, the application will feature new editing elements to assist while you're on the go, including a ...

Thanks To the Montreal Protocol, We Avoided Severe Ozone Depletion

Slashdot - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 10:03pm
hypnosec writes: Scientists say the ozone layer is in good shape thanks to the Montreal Protocol, which has helped us avoid severe ozone depletion. Research suggests that the Antarctic ozone hole would have been 40% bigger by now if not for the international treaty. "Our research confirms the importance of the Montreal Protocol and shows that we have already had real benefits. We knew that it would save us from large ozone loss 'in the future', but in fact we are already past the point when things would have become noticeably worse," lead author Professor Martyn Chipperfield, from the School of Earth & Environment at the University of Leeds, said in a press release.

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Lenovo unveils a $49 Chromecast competitor

Engadget - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 10:00pm
Lenovo has unveiled its own media sharing device to keep up with the Chromecasts and Roku Streaming Sticks of the world. But the Lenovo Cast differs considerably from Google's similarly named device, and not just because it looks like a puck instead ...

Lenovo launches depth-sensing laptop and Surface 3 rival

Engadget - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 10:00pm
If you're in the market for a mid-range laptop, Lenovo has revealed an interesting option at its Tech World event in Beijing. The 15-inch Z51 laptop has an Intel RealSense 3D camera that can be used for scanning, gaming or gesture control. If you're ...